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Ueda Tomoharu (Japanese: 上田 朝春) is an officer in the local police box.


Ueda is noted as unusually tall, and of rather muscular - but not bulky - build. He is shown as having brown eyes, and a fairly short and unremarkable hairstyle depicted variously as being either light brown or black.


Ueda is well known for his laid-back personality. Even in situations of extreme stress, he maintains a level head which allows him to skillfully negotiate negotiate even tense interactions. He is well liked both for this level-headedness and for his kindness, directed at everyone without prejudice, which allows him to make friends with many kinds of people.

When he was younger, his uniform treatment of everyone made him appear somewhat distant to his family.

Despite dating Aki for over a year, Ueda does not consider himself to be gay.[1]


Growing up, Ueda displayed many of the traits he is known for now, most notably his kindness and eagerness to interact with people of all types, leading him to befriend the "yankees" at his grade school when he was 15.[2] His love of interacting with others and desire to help led him to become a police officer.

As a child, Ueda lived with his mother, and eventually with a brother, Natsuki, ten years younger than himself (no father is mentioned). Ueda served as a sort of father figure to his younger brother, and continues as a source of great inspiration.

Rather than go to college, Ueda became a police officer directly out of high school, and as such is in his sixth year as a policeman when he meets Aki.[3]


Gotouda Aki[]

Ueda met Aki when he stopped the thief who stole Aki's underwear. The two soon started dating, and have now been together for over a year and a half.

Gotouda Akira[]

Akira initially hated Ueda for being a police officer, but his determination and steady disposition, as well as his devotion to Aki eventually won him unprecedented approval from the mob boss.

Yamase Yasuyuki[]

Yamase Yasuyuki is Ueda's coworker and superior in the police box.


  • He was born on a morning (tomo) in April (haru)[4]
  • Nomenclature
    • Ueda (上田) - Upper Field
    • Tomoharu (朝春) - Spring/April Morning
  • Ueda is one month younger than Aki[5]
  • He has a normal driver's license, as well as one for motorcycles[6]


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